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Angels are singing, angels of light!
Angels are winging their homeward flight,
Lo, while we grope in the darkness today
Guardian angels are leading the way!


Had we but visions like Jacob of old
In dreams Elysian their forms to behold,
Would we not see them seraphic and fair
Treading the steeps of the sun-gilded air?


Lightly descending, or rising above,
Each one attending an errand of love;
Each on a mission of mercy intent;
Each on a wonderful pilgrimage sent.


What are they noting, of hearts and of homes?
What message floating to yonder bright domes?
What through those gates will their entering bring?
What are they bearing aloft to their King?


Some may be telling of souls clad in white
Patiently dwelling in sorrow and night,
Some may be telling of evil and wrong
Saddening the strains of their beautiful song.


(Long years ago with this wonderful skill
Michelangelo sought to fulfill
All his high thoughts of the angels of light
Thronging our pathway in daytime and night.


In the cathedral where grandly he wrought,
Toiling on, faithful and true to his thought,
Angels look down from their stations today
Though the great artist has long passed away.


Angels encamping around and on high,
Angels adorning the miniature sky,
Legions of angels in fanciful air
Lovingly guarding the worshipers there.


Beautiful thought, may our life-work be crowned
By troops of angels encamping around,
Guardian hosts that their vigil shall keep
Through the long years while from labor we sleep.)


Oh, are we treading the beautiful way?
Angels encamping around us today
Gladly will bear up the message tonight
Souls have been walking in garments of white.


What thought the road seemeth tedious and long,
What though no word of their beautiful song
Floats from the heavens our pathway to cheer,
Angels are singing and angels are near.


Far, far, above us their glad songs arise
Oh, do they love us at home in the skies?
Sometimes our harps to their choir we will bring,
Learn their glad anthem and sing as they sing.