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This Day of good Saint Valentine,
Ch√Ęteau de Psyche,
Miss Arabella Lovibond, 600 Lovers' Lane,
For Merchandise detailed below, to Daniel Cupid, Debtor:
To 7,000 Compliments, conveyed per Tongue or Letter;
To 50 Cases Deathless Love, expressed per Burning Sighs;
To 20 Cases (like above), expressed per Melting Eyes;
To 18 dozen Fervent Vows, despatched per mail or spoken;
To 18 dozen Flaming Hearts, irreparably broken;
To Passage 6 Despairing Swains en route to Foreign Parts;
To 14 Arrows, snapped and spoiled on 14 Flinty Hearts;
To 15 Locks of Human Hair (black, yellow, brown, and sandy);
To 37 hundredweight of Tributary Candy;
To 40 Rides in Runabouts and 90 Auto Spins;
To 8 Disused Engagement Rings and 19 College Pins;
To 60 Bales of Violets and Roses (out of season);--
Oh, well, for these and other things beyond all Rhyme and Reason,
Please pay, to Francis Happychap, my Agent, on Demand,
In Settlement of Claims, in full: 1 Vow, 1 Heart, 1 Hand.