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Folding the earth in its mantle
Pure and undefiled,
Soft in its own clear whiteness
As the cheek of an innocent child,
The snow o'er the world is falling,
It floats upon the air,
Silent, yet ever restless,
As a child's hands crossed in prayer.


Like a benediction descending
O'er the sin-stained weary world,
It falls in tender pity,
Its mantle o'er all unfurled.
Oh, Father in Heaven above us,
Thy goodness and Thy love
Descend like a silent spirit,
Like a pure and spotless dove.


This world is a myst'ry of sorrow,
And dark with sin and woe;
Over its toil and sadness
Thy mantle of mercy throw.
Fold us about, protect us
In Thy garment, spotless white,
As the snow in its silent falling
Is shrouding the earth tonight.