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BOWED o'er my staff, but raising not my head, I did not see the lightning flare. O my flock! I saw the two green eye-balls of a cat flit in the air.


He is in the lime-trees, mewing. What a gale! I hear Pluto, my dog, bark. I hear some one hail me "Daphnis" in the pasture-land. Has death come to my house in the deep dark?


There are great shadows coming, round one lantern shed. Silence. And then a voice--father, your distant voice: "Amaryllis is dead."


Bleating, all my flock recoil. Pluto is howling at my feet. I have no longer any flock, and Death is on me: this is his breath's heat.


Yes, with one flash of lightning heaven has struck two lilies! I will go to gather asphodel with Amaryllis.


O my flock, I am dying. The storm bursts. Alas! alas! Damon, the drunkard, is telling me under the lantern: "All things pass...."