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Fair Atlantis, peerless country,
Lulled within the ocean's arms,
Lying beautiful and shining
Far beneath the storm's alarms;
Never war or plague came near thee;
In thy halls were love and ease;
Now above thee, lost Atlantis,
Roll the ever restless seas.


In those histories, half tradition,
With their mythic thread of gold,
We shall find the name and story
Of thy cities fair and old.
Dreaming bard has told the fancy,
Wandering minstrel sung of thee;
Now above thee, lost Atlantis,
Rolls the ever restless sea.


Every heart has such a country,
Some Atlantis loved and lost;
Where upon the gleaming sand-bars
Once life's fitful ocean tossed.
Mighty cities rose in splendor;
Love was monarch of that clime;
Now above this lost Atlantis
Roll the restless seas of Time.


Happy he who looking backward,
From a life of larger scope,
Deems a youthful, idle fancy,
His lost continent of hope.
Or by light of love and gladness
Finds the present hour sublime,--
Glad that over his Atlantis
Roll the restless seas of Time.