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A holy angel came one night
With lilies in her hand;
All silvered by the clear moonlight
I saw her stand.


About her like a halo shone
Her rippling golden hair,
The lilies cast their shadow on
Her bosom bare.


Her eyes gleamed softly through the gloom;
--Her radiant, heavenly eyes--
Her presence made my narrow room
A Paradise.


Low words she spoke, sweet words that made
My soul grow still to know;
And softly on my breast she laid
The blooms, like snow.


Then all was silence, and the moon
Across my casement shone;
The vision vanished all too soon;
I was alone,


Save for the lilies sweet and white
That on my breast were laid;
Save for the memory of the light
Her presence made.


Since that rare hour, upon my breast
Those lilies still I bear;
Fadeless and beautiful, they rest
Their pureness there.


The years may come, the years may go,
And light and youth depart;
Immortal shall their beauty glow
Within my heart.