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Across a sea of splendor
An emerald ship sailed fast,
Upon her deck an elfin crew,
A star tipped every mast.


Beside her were five golden swan
Whose wings outsped the breeze,
And deep beneath that magic sea,
Red grew the coral trees.


Rare finny creatures of strange hues,
And shapes of awesome mien,
Disported in the purple depths
Of ocean's sunless stream.


Lo! in a breath all passed away,
And on the ashy sky
A shield of burnished copper hung,
Embossed with heraldry.


A city like fair Troy there seemed,
Guarded by warriors bold,
And tall Achilles in his tent
With Agamemnon old.


Blood-red the shield became, as if
The thought of that old strife
Had crimsoned all the heavens in scorn
Of this tame modern life.


Dusk came, the scarlet faded out
Behind the Autumn trees,
And life seemed larger that the soul
Had glimpse of scenes like these.