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For the anniversary of the birthday of Robert Burns--Jan. 25, 1894.

I know not in what land thy children, O Scotland,
Remember not proudly the place of their birth;
Brave sons and fair daughters, though over the waters
They wander afar to the ends of the earth!


Thy fame and thy glory, in ballad and story,
Are sung and rehearsed, where a Scottish heart beats;
And that flower, good humor, is still a free bloomer
Whenever, wherever a Scottish clan meets.


And here's a "clan-meeting!" we tender our greeting;
We welcome you all in the broad-prairied west--
Scotch fathers and mothers, lads, lassies--your brothers
And cousins are we, and we'll give you our best!


Today is Rob's birthday; we'll make it a mirthday
Far into the night when the stars are above;
With voices clear-ringing, his sweetest songs singing--
The bard of "Auld Scotia," the poet we love!


Through him, Caledonia, all peoples have known ye--
Through him and the heroes who brighten your fame;
And ever a pressing and lusty "Scotch blessing"
Shall follow the craven who slanders your name!


O, brave northern nation! you honor each station
In life through your sons, be it humble, or great;
You send us good teachers, sound lawyers and preachers,
And statesmen alive to the weal of the state!


In science and letters, we're greatly your debtors;
In morals, philosophy, learning and art,
Scotch pluck and persistence have bettered existence,
And broadened the pathway, or furnished the chart!


When "Uncle Sam" wanted a hero undaunted,
On victory's summit his standard to plant,
A Scot of the border, some chieftan, or warder,
Leaped forth in the blood of the valorous Grant!


And aye when the rattle, and tumult of battle
Are heard in the land--with a soul undismayed--
Will Sandy be in it, to stay, and to win it--
In war, or in politics, law, love or trade!