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Once in a man’s life
he’s seen a sexy woman
walking down a city sidewalk
and feels inclined to follow that woman
despite his better judgment,
despite the fact that he’s married
and that he has children
or a girlfriend
or that he’s about to visit this girlfriend
at her apartment.


Once in a man’s life,
I guarantee you
he’s dropped whatever he was doing
at that moment
and just followed that ass
as it swayed from side to side in a blue
short skirt, luring him with millions of years
of animal lust.


There’s something in him that can’t be controlled
as he stares at that beautiful
shapely, womanly panty-ass.


A herd of elephants
has taken the reigns of his hormones.
He’ll follow that ass for hours,
for miles if he could.


He is lost
in the animal hunt,
unable to hear soul thoughts
as his heart thumps
with the pounding rhythm of jungle drums.


He wants it right then.
He wants to grab that ass and squeeze monkey guts.


He wants the plants and the sun
and the city buildings
and the banks
and the whole fucking program
to let him get away with it . . .
just this once, baby.


Just you and me.


here and


Then reality finally hits
and that goddess ass will disappear
through glass rotating doors;
and this man will look around
and wonder what has happened
as if he’s been taken hostage
by aliens, regretting that he’s wasted so much of his precious time.
Dammit, he’ll say, as he finally turns and walks back to where he initially was,
trying to find his way and then doing a double-take
as another bulbous booty shakes
and swings past him
in the hot,