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The cool rain poured in sudden haste
Upon the thirsty sod,
And life throughout an arid waste
Rejoices, thanking God.


Each wild and lonely desert flower
Is royally arrayed,
As if in one brief, stormy hour
The world were newly made.


Where vagrant breezes stray and waft
The mesquite's sweet perfume,
The green saguaro's fluted shaft
Lifts high a richer bloom.


The palo verde blossoms glow
Like jets of yellow fire,
And every bird we love and know
Pipes in the tuneful choir.


The fair Altruria of the bees,
Beneath the orange boughs,
Hears whispered friendships of the trees
As sweet as lovers' vows.


Wee desert folk from strife forbear--
Their deadly conflicts cease,
As if responsive to the prayer
For Universal Peace.


No more on thorns the linnet hangs--
Slain by the cruel shrike;
The coiled crotalus sheathes his fangs,
And does not care to strike.


Here blooms the world like Aaron's rod,
New verdure clothes the plain--
The wondrous miracle of God
That follows a desert rain!