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hellish exile of the east peacocks
worship of the great flame
ray of the vain vampire


in the pagan temple


a creole beauty crosses the pavilion
with the half-mask
and the rule of the despot queen
winning the pedestal


in the underworld
of the ragged little girls
her serpentine allures
each sharp talisman
every drunk javelin


in her room


bricks with a transparent bark
torn canvases


decorated shutters climb up
from time to time
a cobalt coloured carpet
draws chinese ideograms


oriental lamps
similar to distant galaxies
with a bright opacity
commend the pale meeting
of demons and witches
the pandemonium


the stubborn emptiness
of chatters
attracts the discontent
and an intermittent fever
in the meaningless space
of a vacant abyss




the profane grants the Sabbath
the small of the abuse
the crackable demonic


the officiants pass the sentence
the holocaust of pythonic


her hair detains the instant century
with the favorite balsam


the loss is made elixir
essence and flower


the guillotine runs
through the hazel thinness
with the rush of maltreatment


wrapped in a tipsy cloth
the lifeless body
on the infamous slope
in the shade of slaughter