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Ring of fire upon the grass,
Silvered like a looking-glass;
Mailed in spangles, burning ring
Like a twisted flame to spring--
Was God's labor given well
When He made your miracle?


Flash of lightning on the ground,
Flame that leaps without a sound;
Burning arrow, quick as breath,
Curving danger, gliding death,
From what strange art came your eyes,
Like stars out of midnight skies?


Living flame upon the sod,
Are you too, a work of God?
A shaft of light you swiftly pass,
A silver match struck in the grass,
A spark that flies along with ease,
An ember fluttering through the trees--
Swift as an arrow, winged you go;
I look around to see the bow!


Within your eyes, two points of spears,
I see the sorrows of dead years;
I see Eve's eyes--so full of tears.
I see the Garden and the place
Where you betrayed the human race--
What lovely pictures in your eyes,
What flowers, hills and azure skies,
Lost golden lawns of paradise!


Oh ring of fire coiled through the grass
As glittering as a looking-glass,
What worlds you have destroyed at birth;
What sorrow you have brought to earth.
Tumbling in rings of brilliancy
You hung a Man on Calvary;
And darting out your tongue each breath
You finally stung the Man to death!