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Imposing a silence on the waves of the sea,
It stains the gray darkness that tempests decree.


It summons the stars with their majestic night
To call forth their Queen in shimmering light.


From the feverish glow of the summer's sun skies,
In the still, windless forest in twilight it lies.


It purples a hood for the violet's face,
And feathers the ferns with frondy-leaved grace.


In the peace of the lily it worships the rose,
Refreshing their sweetness in languid repose.


It braids in the waters a willowy grace,
When the quivering leaves are caressing its face.


It flees from the sunshine to hide in the pines,
In their silentness guarding their evergreen shrines.


It touches the lids of the sun-gazing flowers,
While they weep in their dews for the day's golden hours.


It folds o'er the valley and lands a dim veil,
When the gray tardy skies in the twilight are pale.


In creation and peacefulness all over the earth
It nurtures in mystery the sunlight of birth.


All through the night where Time endless flows,
Though a sigh of a sunbeam, a peace it bestows.