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She shakes her hair, a flowing crest
Like rippling waters down her breast;
Her knees as white as snow appear,
And she, as dancing starlight here.


She whirls and curves along the dew,
A living music as she goes,
Her eyes soft as the seas of blue
Her body lovely as a rose.


The curving ivory of her arm
Strikes as a music on my eyes;
She is a poem in her form,
A song as pure as paradise.


One with the lilies in the dew
And daffodils at play;
It seems as though a flower grew
A woman here and danced away!


Her eyes like currents of deep streams
Flow underneath her lashes bright
And in them all the starlight gleams
That ever God put in a night.


She seems to float along the ground
And never touch it as she springs;
Much less a woman, than a sound;
Not flesh and blood but silver wings!