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Clarion wind its fellowship is sounding
Throughout all space where echoes are resounding,
And calls for nature's handmaid to adorn
A vernal robe of green for spring new-born.


To whispers in the creeping moss it dies,
And in the fibres of its bed it lies
In momentary leisure, while on its breast
It traces patterns for the mountain's crest;
Then, flighting to the topmost, interweaves
Its verdant honors through the budding leaves.


In softer tones, through southern balm it breathes,
Enticing timid flowers from out their sheaths,
That with a cautious air--of boisterous wind
And winter still in fear--their folds unbind;
Then, distrustful, venture to the sun
Through beams--their silken beauty still unspun--
To languish in his bold alluring rays,
Beguiled through softness of the maiden days
To wearing hues of glory in his name,
And basking in the love his glow-gleams claim.


From slumbers of the winter night, and dreams,
Awakened by the babbling of the streams,
The meadows, in obeisance to their song
And low soft murmurings, the joys prolong,
Responding welcome through the grace of flowers
Adorned with rainbow hues of dewy showers,
That sun looks through when tinting all the bloom
That decks the valley in a sweet perfume.


The trees, arrayed in white of bridal dress--
The coy young blossoms in their bashfulness--
To fruitage of the year by sun are wed,
Then o'er the grassy plains a roby they spread
Of virgin leaves, and decorate a path
For summer flowers--the spring-time's aftermath.


The birds--congratulating all in love--
With all their little hearts in anthems prove
The harmony of nature's unity
And law, in praiseful peace and purity,
Then from their matin song, with sober mien,
To shades of wood they turn, while yet unseen
By any stray inquiring beam of day
That might within its coverts lay,
And build a shelter on the greening bough
That swaying when the summer breezes blow,
Will rock the birdlings in the mossy nest,
The feathering young 'neath the mother's breast,
That leaves the home and plumes its wings in voice,
Uniting in the chorus of loud rejoice,
In praise of might and strength, the love and power
Of nature's joy, announcing the spring-tide's hour!