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I cannot view a starry night,
Or hear a whispering tree,
Or watch the silver lightning-flight
Of moonrise on the sea
And not think in this beauty bright
I see a part of thee.


I cannot view a flower
Like nature's picture drawn,
Or look up night's blue tower
To view the stars of dawn,
And not see every hour
Thy glances never gone.


I cannot hear the skylark call
A flying song above,
And not think that thy whispers fall
Into my heart with love.
I cannot hear the river
Sing, dancing down the glen
And not think that forever
Thy lips speak back again.


I cannot touch the flowers
Now everywhere to see
Along the springtime bowers
And not touch part of thee.
I cannot watch the springtime
Within the roses burn
And not feel thy heart beating
The joy of thy return.


Each flash of stars along the skies
Seems thy glance in the night,
The beauty of a woman's eyes
That watch me ever bright,
And everywhere I go I see
Thee in the wave and shore,
Thy presence dear eternally
Around me evermore.