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Strong of bone and strong of brawn,
Colored like the wings of dawn
And flying like them down the field
He goes as brilliant as a shield,
His polished flanks in beauty bright
Silken as the summer night.


His mane flows in a river free;
His eyes are jewels of majesty,
Bright lights that burn the dusk and beam
Within his proud and blooded dream.


Around his satin, painted throat
Beauty and rich splendor float;
Noble strength pours from his eyes
Flashing to the summer skies;
Power marks his graceful reins;
The red blood gallops through his veins
Like music and like fire and light,
A flaming soul on wings of light!


The friend of man, his hope and trust,
His comrade in a different dust;
With muscles like iron masses curled,
He plowed the lands of all the world;
He pulled the carriages of kings
And joined man on his wanderings.
He galloped down each history's page;
The glory of each living age,
A prince in harness, iron shod
Who knows man as his only god.