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I love her--so life is dawn;
I love her and life is spring;
Life is the flash of lightning,
Life is the bird on the wing.
I can hear the roll of the world;
Because she loves but me
I can put my hands on the stars
I can touch eternity.


The rivers of life are mine
Because her heart is true,
The mountains roar across my dream;
The stars crash in the blue.
I can feel the ├Žons pass;
I hear the creaking spheres above;
I love forever in a day
Because I have a mighty love.


Because she loves but me alone
I feel all things of joy and mirth;
I know eternity and God;
I catch the heartbeat of the earth.
I hear the roary of the universe
The rush of skies unfurled,
I feel the deep eternal dream
That drives along the spinning world!