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One was fair as fair could be,
The others black--(she thought them pretty);
And I--of only one I dreamed,
And she--she was--the other Kitty.
She loved the others, I loved her,
And full of mischief were the three;
But, ah! at last kind fate contrived
To give the winning card to me.


With blue eyes closed, and head thrown back,
Within the easy chair sat Kitty.
Thought I, "If now a pair of gloves
I may not win, 'twill be a pity."
And as I softly reached her side,
The red lips parted with a murmur
And, oh, what joy! she breathed my name!
Within my heart hope grew still firmer.


"Dost love me, Kitty?" whispered I;
And soft in sleep came back her answer
"I love thee not!" I stood aghast,
Till love urged, "Kiss her while you can, sir."
But, ah! the blue eyes swift unclosed,
And glanced at me with mirth o'erflowing;
Thought I, "I'll let her think awhile
That I've heard something worth the knowing."


Then drawing near, I slily said,
"Fair maid, your dreams have well betrayed you."
"For shame!" cried she, "to steal my thoughts,
And get my slumbering tongue to aid you!"
All penitent, I humbly said,
"But, ah! the secret in my keeping
Has made me sad." Then murmured she,
"One never tells the truth while sleeping!"