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The daisies and the buttercups
Now merrily are growing,
And everywhere for June's sweet sake
Are crimson roses blowing.
The sunbeams o'er the meadows lie,
And zephyrs light are straying;
And, oh! 'tis time that school was done,
And children--out a-playing.


Come, little folks--the fields and lanes
Are lonely now without you!
The birds are all in tune to sing
Their sweetest songs about you.
The old barn doors stand open wide,
The brooks with fish are teeming;
And over hill, and dale, and lake,
Dame Nature's smiles are beaming.


Come, one and all, from far and near,
And sound the summer's praises,
Whilst racing through the clover fields,
And nestling 'mid the daisies.
Make wreaths of roses crimson-red,
Your bright young heads adorning,
For summer-time was made for you,
And June is summer's morning!


"Vacation is the time for fun!"
All girls and boys are saying,
When school and books grow wearisome,
And hearts are ripe for playing.
So, little folks, come, one and all,
And tumble out together,
Amid the sunbeams' golden light,
All in the sweet June weather.