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O Sun! our father, mother, friend!
Creator of the universe.
In thee all life hath had its birth,
From thee no child receives a curse.


The flowers from thy loving heart
Sprang into life and into bloom;
The rivers had their source in thee--
E'en night, with all her gruesome gloom.


All beasts and birds can speak of thee
As loving child of parent should.
The clouds, the storms, all energy
Have by thy side in love once stood.


The forests grand, the desert wastes,
The insects, reptiles, also man,
To thee can chant a hymn of praise
In thee they live, they first began.


Thy power can none gainsay, dispute.
Thy first and strongest child was fire.
We worship it in deepest awe,
And to its throne we will aspire.


The earth then next was born to thee--
Thou gazed on it with parent's pride,
And also with a parent's love--
By it thou ever wilt abide.


Rich gifts hast thou bestowed on it,
With gems most rare its bosom filled,
Gave mountain crowns for it to wear,
Its seas and oceans thou hast willed.


And then to man, thy best-loved child,
Dominion over all, you gave.
Thou gav'st him mind; thou gav'st him love;
Best gift of all, thou gav'st the grave.


We worship thee, O Sun! our God!
We bow our heads in reverence deep.
We know that thou dost love thy child--
E'en blessing 'tis that he can weep.


For tears refresh the broken heart--
They moisten e'er the arid soil;
Bright smiles oft spring from tear-dimmed eyes,
And in them love again will coil.