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Who is the blessed guest
Here present at the feast?
Is it not Christ the Lord,
Who comes, with silent tread,
To join the table spread
According to His word?


He blest the bread and brake,
Saying: "Take, eat for my sake."
He poured the ruddy wine:
"For love of me this do.
My Father gives to you
Share of the life divine!"


And other guests are here,
All that we held most dear;
The loved and early lost
Gather with us today,
To kneel and feast and pray,--
A shadowy, silent host.


With them and Thee at one
Make us, as we commune,
Father of Life and Love!
Fashion us to Thy will;
Cast from our hearts all ill;
Turn every thought above.


O Thou, who knowest our need,
Our hungry spirits feed
With Thine own bread of life;
Into our souls like wine
Pour Thou the strength divine
To aid us in the strife!