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'Tis sweet on the shelly beach to roam,
To gaze where the sparkling billows foam,
That shine in a thousand colours bright,
Caught from yon stream of golden light.


How gaily ocean's waves seem dancing!
And see, its azure tints are glancing,
As if bright gems of every hue
Were floating on its waters blue.


Look up from ocean's dazzling breast,
And gaze upon the splendid west!
These gorgeous crimson clouds behold!
Blending with yonder rays of gold.


The brilliant tropic sun hath set,
But its tints of glory linger yet
A moment on the wave and sky,
To charm the gazer's wondering eye.


And now they fade, that rosy light
Has sunk into the shades of night;
Emblem of all that's bright on earth,
Of all that's fair of mortal birth!


To mock the eye, the wish, the heart,
Wake slumbering fancy then depart;
A lustre on our path to shed,
But deeper gloom around to spread!