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Oh! such a heavenly night as this
Might almost lure the soul to bliss!
Might soothe the weary heart of woe
And calm dark passions' fiercer glow.


The moon unclouded holds her way,
Darting from far her silver ray
To chase the gloomy shades of night
And rival Phoebus' warmer light.


Bright, clear, and tranquil is the sky,
The azure canopy on high--
With here and there a glitt'ring star
That shines like Pleasure from afar.


So mild the air, so pure, so calm,
It seems as if its breath were balm,
And the light breezes almost fail
To waft along yon lingering sail.


And hush'd is every mortal sound,
And lull'd to silence all around;
All but the waves, that murmur low
As from their coral caves they flow.


All nature seems to smile serene,
Responsive to the heavenly scene.
And, mingled in one still repose,
Seem human joys and human woes!